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Herb Best, the owner, operator of Krymsun Farm has been in the business of breeding, raising and training quarter horses for over 35 years. To Herbs credit, he was the first quarter horse breeder in the Maritime Provinces, Canada, to raise a foal through cooled shipped semen, and also the first breeder in his area to raise foals through embryo transfer. One of Herbs biggest accomplishments, is the breeding and raising of 3x AQHA World Champion and 4x Congress Champion "One Hot Krymsun". This stallion now stands in Ohio, U.S.A.

One Hot Krymsun


Owner Becky Bailey

          Batavia Ohio





**Frozen Semen available for Breedings to AQHA sires: One Hot Krymsun, Coats N Tails and Iron Age.**

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